Water Because

Explore water and water chemistry. Learn about atoms and molecules, water in the Earth system, and how we use water.

The sun shines from a blue and cloudy sky onto a lake. The clouds reflect in the lake surface.
Photo by Josh Voynick

What is Water Because?

Water Because is a place for people to find out all about water:

  • What is water?
  • What is special about the chemistry of water?
  • How does the chemistry of water affect things as different as icebergs, bread baking, and weather?
  • How does water shape Earth’s surface?
  • How can we make sure people have safe drinking water?

Water Chemistry

Why do we sometimes call water “H2O”?

Water is a polar molecule. Is it polar like a polar bear?

Why does ice float in water?

Why do some things dissolve in water but other things do not?

What does pH tell us about water?

And more…

Water in the Earth System

Why is Earth called a water planet?

Where is most of Earth’s water found?

What is the water cycle? Is it some kind of bicycle?

How can water change something as hard as rock?

And more…

The western hemisphere of Earth as seen from space.
Image from NASA, from GOES-7 and GOES-8 satellites.

Human Use of Water

Is water a renewable resource?

How much of the water on Earth is fresh water?

How can we harvest fresh water from salt water?

What happens when we build dams?

How has water affected where humans settle on Earth?

And more…

Special Topics

How does lead or arsenic get into some drinking water supplies?

What do chemical formulas such as H2O and NaCl mean?

How do ocean currents affect where pollution travels and ends up?

How does the chemistry of water affect bread baking?

And more…

A loaf of bread sits on a cooling rack.